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      Начало ПериферияLOGITECH Corded Desktop MK120 - EER - Bulgarian layout

      LOGITECH Corded Desktop MK120 - EER - Bulgarian layout

      Цена: 56.29 лв.

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      LOGITECH Corded Desktop MK120 - EER - Bulgarian layout
      LOGITECH Corded Desktop MK120 - EER - Bulgarian layout
      Reliable set Logitech MK120 has a comfortable keyboard and a high-precision optical mouse. He is an excellent combination of comfort, elegance and simplicity. Text entry is almost silent, it is provided by the low-profile keys. The layout of the keys is standard, with full-size F-keys and number pad.

      The keyboard is made with spill-resistant design, the liquid simply from the keyboard, without causing her any harm. With this keyboard you do not have to worry about damage to the product due to accidental or liquids.

      Mouse provides smooth and accurate cursor movement, this is achieved by a high-precision optical tracking technology (resolution of 1000 dpi).

      Low profile keyboard looks fine on the desktop, allowing your hands to settle more naturally and comfortably. For more comfort, you can push stable folding legs to increase the keyboard tilt by 8 degrees. Bold clear mark symbols on the keys are very clearly visible under all conditions. Resource keys is up to 10 million keystrokes!

      The setup process is very simple: just connect the keyboard and mouse to the USB-port desktop or laptop, and you're ready to go. No additional software or complex configuration. Set Logitech MK120 - this is the high quality and reliability at an affordable price!

      • Разположение на устройството:
      • Пакети в кашон:
      • Тегло на кашон - Бруто (кг):
        9.4 kg
      • Технология на свързване:
      • Височина на пакет (мм):
        49 mm
      • Брой в пакет:
      • Дълбочина на кашон (мм):
        342 mm
      • Гаранционни условия (месец):
        36 месеца
      • Интерфейс:
      • Външен цвят:
      • Локализация на клавиатурата:
      • Широчина на пакет (мм):
        163 mm
      • Ширина на кашон (мм):
        261 mm
      • Критерии за валидност на гаранцията:
        Сериен номер
      • EAN код:
      • Тегло на пакет - Нето (кг):
        0.99 kg
      • Тегло на пакет - Бруто (кг):
        0.86 kg
      • Необходима операционна система:
        Linux 2.6.0 or Later <br/>Microsoft Windows XP <br/>Microsoft Windows Vista <br/>Microsoft Windows 7
      • Гаранционни продукти - подлежащи на връщане:
      • Локализация:
      • Тип пакет:
        С опаковка
      • Брой USB 2.0 интерфейси:
      • Дълбочина на пакета (мм):
        525 mm
      • Височина на кашон (мм):
        558 mm
      • Съвместимост на платформата:
        PC <br/>Linux
      • Брой клавиши:
      • Тип на допълнително устройство:

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