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      Начало TV и СМАРТ ТЕХНОЛОГИИТелевизориLOEWE TV 55'' Bild I dr+, SmartTV, 4K Ultra, OLED HDR, 1TB HDD, Invisible speakers

      LOEWE TV 55'' Bild I dr+, SmartTV, 4K Ultra, OLED HDR, 1TB HDD, Invisible speakers

      • Марка:
      • Код:
      • Тегло:
        0.500 кг

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      LOEWE TV 55'' Bild I dr+, SmartTV, 4K Ultra, OLED HDR, 1TB HDD, Invisible speakers
      LOEWE TV 55'' Bild I dr+, SmartTV, 4K Ultra, OLED HDR, 1TB HDD, Invisible speakers
      LOEWE TV 55'' Bild I dr+, SmartTV, 4K Ultra, OLED HDR, 1TB HDD, Invisible speakers
      Loewe bild i
      Fascinatingly multifunctional.
      The new Loewe bild i
      Loewe bild i

      The new product line bild i scores with first-class 4K OLED panels of the latest generation in 65, 55 and 48 inch sizes.

      In combination with the new Loewe SL7 chassis, the  powerful NT7 processor and the new Loewe os7 software, a perfect viewing experience is guaranteed for a wide variety of content. Whether it's films, series, sporting events or video games. You can enjoy the  state-of-the-art standards for picture and sound quality such as Dolby Vision™and Dolby Atmos™.

      The completely newly developed and exclusive SL7 chassis offers the highest performance as well as numerous connections, e.g. four HDMI 2.1* inputs with advanced functions such as eARC, HFR, ALLM and four USB connections. The new Loewe os7 software enables outstandingly fast access to all current and natively integrated streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime.  

      * Features e.g.: enhanced ARC, ALLM, VRR 48-60Hz,
      4K@60Hz, 18 Gb/s

      OLED Technology.

      The OLED technology stands for bright and natural colours, for perfect contrast - from deepest black to pure white - and for detailed sharpness even in very fast movements. In addition to impressive black and the finest nuances in dark parts of the picture, the OLED technology of the Loewe bild i enables brilliant colour reproduction. This is because against a pitch-black background, colours appear particularly bright and vivid. This makes the screens ideal for HDR films and content with Dolby Vision, which contain more and finer graded colours and a wider range of brightness.

      Record your favourite programme.

      With the DR+ built-in hard drive, you can record for hours. With a storage capacity of 1TB, your Loewe bild i will be right on schedule. The TV programme can be paused and continued at a later time with a time delay.
      Invisible Sound.

      The Loewe bild i has a hidden built-in "invisible sound" speaker for invisible sound experience. Moreover, it is compativle with new Loewe klang bar5mr - and in future also directly with new Loewe klang mr system.

      Enhance your sound experience with the klang bar i

      The Loewe bild i is optionally available together with the powerfull Loewe Soundbar klang bar i, which can also be upgraded at any time. The installation below the screen is as simple as can be. The new Loewe klang bar i delights with powerful front-firing stereo sound from eight integrated drivers, generating 80 watts of voluminous total music power. In addition, the soundbar delivers warm low tones and fills the room with rich sound.
      New chassis, new possibilities.

      Thanks to the new Loewe SL7 chassis, the new Loewe os7 software as well as the new Loewe home screen in combination with the Smart System and the App Store from VIDAA, the Loewe bild c offers a broad range of application possibilities, both at present and in the future.

      Whether it's Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube - a large number of streaming services are already natively integrated in the Loewe home screen and are accessible at the touch of a button using the dedicated direct buttons on the new Loewe remote control. Quick and direct access to all popular VOD services is guaranteed.
      Screen diagonal
      55" / 139cm

      Ultra HD Resolution
      3840 x 2160 Pixel

      Display technology
      OLED (WRGB Pixel)
      HDR (HLG / HDR10 /
      Dolby Vision™

      4 x HDMI 2.1 | WLAN |
      LAN | Bluetooth

      2x 20 W Music Power

      • Видове монтаж:
        Десктоп/За монтаж на стена
      • S/PDIF-out Optical:
        1 (TOSLINK)
      • Пакети в кашон:
      • Тегло на кашон - Бруто (кг):
        40.8 кг
      • Ширина:
        1236 мм
      • Изходна мощност на канал:
        20 W
      • Номинално тегло:
        22.8 кг
      • Височина на пакет (мм):
        967 мм
      • Брой в пакет:
      • Тип на екрана:
      • Гаранционни условия (месец):
        24 мес.
      • Входен код:
      • Изходна мощност:
        40 W
      • Максимална резолюция:
      • WI-FI:
      • Voice Assistant Support:
        Amazon Alexa
      • Височина:
        790 мм
      • Външен цвят:
      • Аудио изход:
      • Широчина на пакет (мм):
        363 мм
      • Монтажни възможности на плосък панел:
      • Критерии за валидност на гаранцията:
        Сериен номер
      • EAN код:
      • Тегло на пакет - Нето (кг):
        29 кг
      • Минимално входно напрежение:
        220 V
      • Тегло на пакет - Бруто (кг):
        40.8 кг
      • Включени кабели:
        Power Cord
      • Гаранционни продукти - подлежащи на връщане:
      • Тип пакет:
        С опаковка
      • Включени аксесоари:
        Дистанционно управление, Stand, Упътване за употреба
      • USB 2.0:
        2 (USB 2.0 (type A))
      • Дълбочина на пакета (мм):
        1422 мм
      • USB 3.0:
        2 (USB 3.0 (Type A))
      • Тип захранване:
        Захранващ модул
      • Максимално входно напрежение:
        240 V
      • Дълбочина:
        290 мм
      • LAN:
        1 (RJ-45)
      • Дължина на диагонала на екрана:
      • Тип на резбата:
        Dot Pitch
      • Тегло:
        28.8 кг
      • Съвместими стандарти за монитор:
        VESA FDMI
      • Максимална входна честота:
        60 Hz
      • Energy Label:
      • Изображение - съотношение на размерите:
      • TV Тунер:
      • Стандарт за цифрова телевизия:
      • Вид матрица:
      • CI/PCMCIA:
      • Smart TV Platform:
        Loewe os7
      • Характеристики на дисплея:
        Off Timer<br/>UHD<br/>HDR10
      • Капацитет на устройство за съхранение на данни:
        1 TB
      • Минимална входна честота:
        50 Hz
      • Големина на използваната част от екрана:
      • TV характеристики:
        Teletext, Timeshift, Miracast, Hotel Mode, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma), Dolby Vision, HDMI - ARC (Audio Return Channel), HDR10
      • Характеристики за сигурност:
        Слот за заключване Kensington
      • Яркост:
        800 cd/m^2
      • Формат на говорителите:
      • HDMI 2.0:
        4 (HDMI (Type A))
      • Големина на точката:
        0.3171 мм
      • Тип твърд диск:
        Hard Disk Drive

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